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Our strategies make finding the right benefits package easy for employers. Our expansive resources provide clients with everything they need to take care of their team.


Moody Insurance works closely with organizations to ensure both the business, and its employees are receiving the right price for their benefits. As an independent insurance agency, we have access to numerous insurance providers, so you can receive the best coverage. Ever-changing regulations and premiums can be confusing, so let our team guide you through the process of getting the ideal employee benefits package for your business.



Let’s make a plan. Moody Insurance works with clients to build an employee benefits plan strategy. We assess your team, business needs, and the budget to map out the best strategy for your benefits.

Moody Insurance secures best-in-class pricing for clients. Using our strong relationships with leading insurance agencies and brokers, alternative funding experience, integrated reimbursement strategies, and the Moody Insurance Cost Optimization Tool, we find you the best value.

We offer clients a personal benefits advocate, so human resources teams have a well-versed expert for any questions about their services. Moody Insurance takes the time to get to know your business, so we can help identify the information your employees need to make the most of their benefits.

It can be difficult to stay on tops of changing healthcare reform and regulation, but Moody Insurance provides you with tools, alerts, and resources to remain up to date. We work with clients to create the ideal employee benefits program – to reduce liability, simplify compliance obligations, decrease administrative costs, and increase your competitive edge.

Bernie Portal is our amazing online resource for transactional HR software challenges. Moody Insurance clients have access to this software to gain valuable information about their benefits, and better serve their employees. Along with Bernie Portal we also utilize Ease as another resource as well.

Moody Insurance partners with MyWave Connect, a full-service human resources company that provides ongoing support for our clients. It includes online tools, training, and webinars, so you have access to the best HR information, whenever it is needed.

The Moody Insurance team includes a full-time attorney. This gives our clients access to an expert for legal questions, concerns, and claims. On top of that, clients have access to an employee benefits law firm that answers questions and provides no-cost advice. For those that require more legal research or representation, Moody Insurance clients receive a discounted hourly rate for their services.

Moody Insurance provides a healthcare plan management analytics tool for self-funded or statistically credible clientele. It includes valuable insights about claims data and other important information, allowing businesses to easily manage their services.



Selecting the right Medical insurance for your business is a big decision. Moody Insurance takes the time to assess your business’ healthcare needs, so your employees can receive regular medical check-ups, purchase prescriptions, and more. We have numerous carriers and medical insurance packages to take care of your company.

Moody Insurance finds the right dental plan for your business, so employees have the care they need. It can cover routine dental visits, oral surgery, and other important dental services.

Our team can help build a thorough life insurance plan for employee benefits packages. It is important to prepare for the unexpected, and our life insurance plans are designed to make that process a little easier.

Vision insurance can cover various eyecare needs for employees including routine preventative care, ocular surgeries, and prescription eyewear.

If your employees become sick or injured, disability benefits have them covered. This gives valuable employees the chance to recover from serious health issues, with insurance assistance.

Executive benefit plans provide an incentive approach to certain benefits. It includes special services and perks for key employees. Let our team help your business build the ideal executive benefits plan strategy.

Voluntary benefit plans allow employees to opt-in to benefits through their own salaries. This package is at a lower cost to the employer, while still reducing the out-of-pocket care costs for employees.

Long term care insurance helps with nursing home and assisted living costs for retired employees. Paying for long-term care can be a large financial burden for families, but long-term care insurance makes important retirement decisions easier.

Our team can help you find the right 401(k), 403(b), and Simple IRA retirement plans for your valuable employees. We can also assist in building pension and profit-sharing plans for businesses – allowing employees to continue benefiting from their hard work after retirement.



The Moody Difference

Providing peace of mind.

Family-owned, and founded in 1972, Moody Insurance Agency has become a trusted resource for businesses, employees, and families. Our products, and our industry-leading service provides our clients access to the best coverage in a challenging insurance marketplace. We strive to provide more than insurance, but peace of mind.

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