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TIME SENSITIVE: Refunds for 2023 premiums paid will be available if a private plan with an effective date on or before January 1, 2024 is approved by the Division before October 31, 2023.


Colorado’s Paid Family & Medical Leave Insurance Program (PFML/FAMLI)

If you have any employees in Colorado, this information is for you

Family & Medical Leave Insurance

FAMLI Private

What is FAMLI?

It’s a social insurance program funded by premiums paid via a payroll tax by virtually all Colorado employees along with matching premiums paid by employers with 10 or more employees that are to be collected starting 1/1/2023. Eligible employees can receive up to 12 weeks of paid, job protected leave per year beginning 1/1/2024. Leave is available for employees to take care of themselves, or a family member, regardless of legal or biological relationship.

What do employers need to do now?

  1. Communicate FAMLI to all your Colorado employees now.
  2. Register with the FAMLI Division at right away.
  3. Collect premium deductions through payroll beginning 1/1/2023.
  4. Submit wage data and pay premiums by 4/30/2023.
  5. Consider the potential advantages of a “private plan” alternative.

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Do you have questions?

You should! This is a highly confusing and complicated program. Let us know how we can help you learn more.

A: 0.9% of wages below the social security wage base, with half paid by the employer
(0.45%) and half paid by the employee.

A: Almost. Local governments may opt-out, and employers with 9 or fewer employees
must participate, but do not need to pay the employer share of the premium.

A: Almost certainly. As long as an employer has an approved private or self-funded
plan approved by the Division by 10/31/2023, and that plan meets all of the
requirements of the government plan, an employer should be able to opt-out and
benefit in a number of ways. Moody Insurance can facilitate this.

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An Employers Guide to Colorado Family & Medical Leave Insurance

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