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Moody Insurance helps you navigate the nuances of construction insurance services and design a customized program to meet the specific needs of your business.


As a premier construction insurance service provider in Colorado, Moody Insurance is actively involved in local construction-related industry associations, and we closely follow legislative changes and case law to determine the potential impact on your business.



The industry leader in placement review, enrollment, 3rd party peer review setup, and wrap administration, our over 20 years of experience provide expertise in the market.


Construction contracts that contain insurance procurement provisions defining the duties and obligations of subcontractors are critical to risk management on any project. These terms must be specific and legally compliant in order to guarantee the fulfillment of the parties’ intent in the event of a claim or lawsuit. Our vast experience and intimate knowledge of the construction industry allow us to provide key insights to protect our clients’ financial interests.


Our in-house Loss Control department can help you reduce the frequency and severity of loss for your business. Whether you are just starting out with your safety program or need a strategy for taking your current program to the next level, our experts can help with a proven portfolio of construction insurance services and resources designed to help your company meet its health and safety objectives.


We are pleased to provide in-house legal services to our clients. Upon request, these services are individualized to your business needs.


We believe that benchmarking risks or assets against industry “norms” provides a platform for informed decision-making. The quality of our benchmarking service is directly correlated to the extensive data that we have accumulated on energy and power companies of all sizes across the globe.


As a recognized leader in surety bond services, we leverage four decades of experience to help our construction clients meet their bonding needs for public works projects.


Industry Affiliations

Our strong relationships with a national network of leading insurance agencies and brokers allow us to secure best-in-class pricing and coverage for our clients. Additionally, Moody is proud to be affiliated with an extensive network of high-caliber construction industry partners, which fosters high standards for construction practices, and provides ongoing professional development opportunities for our employees.

The Moody Difference

Exceptional, Personalized Construction Insurance Services

While Moody Insurance has enjoyed tremendous growth in our nearly 50 years in business, we understand that we got where we are by providing exceptional, personalized service. Our team approach to client service ensures our clients always have access to the information they need and someone with a good working knowledge of their business.

Other Moody Insurance Solutions

In addition to offering insurance for construction, our team of insurance specialists also has solutions for many other industries. With specialists in oil and gas insurance, real estate insurance, and even educational institution insurance we have it all. Our broad variety of services is tailored to give you or your business appropriate coverage in any insurance market. Get in touch with our team and we’ll come up with a unique solution for you!

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