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Educational institutions face more inherent risks now than ever before. Along with potential property, auto and liability issues, the education industry must also navigate emerging risks like cybercrime as well.


At Moody Insurance, we have a dedicated team of industry experts in underwriting, risk engineering and claims who can work to create an educational institution insurance policy that addresses the needs of your school, educators and staff.



Policies designed to help safeguard a school’s assets in lawsuits over negligence, personal injury, libel or slander.

Helps to protect your institution from litigation for failing to deliver or adequately perform education-related functions.

Assists teachers and staff in their recovery from work-related injuries or illness.

By collecting individuals’ personally identifiable information (PII), you have a responsibility to protect that info. PII includes high-risk data such as social security numbers and credit cards, but also consist of, names, email addresses and phone numbers. Your liability begins much earlier than the second someone’s identity is stolen. It could be as simple as the loss of a thumb drive which could cost you significantly, hence the need to defend the institution.

Industry Affiliations

We have been fortunate over the years to develop and maintain key relationships in the industry to help provide our customers with quality service and care. Along with that, we’re able to expand our own knowledge and capabilities by partnering with groups such as these.

The Moody Difference

Exceptional, personalized service.

While Moody Insurance has enjoyed tremendous growth in our more than 40 years in business, we understand that we got where we are by providing exceptional, personalized service. Our team approach to client service ensures our clients always have access to the information they need and someone with a good working knowledge of their business.

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