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Real Estate

Managing the needs of a condominium, homeowners association, commercial and residential real estate owners, or investors and developers can be a full-time job. Moody offers the expertise and resources to make your life easier.


At Moody Insurance, our goal is to make your life easier. We understand that managing the needs of a portfolio of properties is complicated and time-consuming. As your insurance partner, we make it easier by streamlining processes, identifying exposures to risk and contractual obligations that develop realistic solutions to protect you, your members and your assets.



We help you put together a program to insure a portfolio of varied real estate holdings, making it less time consuming to insure and to allocate overhead costs.

Property managers are ultimately responsible for finding and keeping tenants safe on someone else’s property and are expected to perform in a professional manner. If they don’t, you can lose rents, tenants can sue for wrongful eviction, and declined applications can turn into discrimination suits. We search for policy solutions to cover both your business and your employees.

There are a variety of risks that arise when running and managing a business. This coverage is aimed at protecting directors, officers, board members, managers, and administrators, as well as the company. Lawsuits alleging mismanagement, employee discrimination to investor fraud, its important to safeguard the myriad of risks that come performing these roles.

Property owners or builders can face considerable exposure to loss if things suddenly go awry during a project. Builder’s risk insurance can offer you both property and liability coverage for your buildings or structures while they are under construction.

General Liability Insurance is one of the most common types of commercial insurance that businesses purchase, as accidents can happen to anyone at any time. If you or an employee accidentally harms another person or property, we can help protect your business financially if you are sued.

By collecting individuals’ personally identifiable information (PII), you have a responsibility to protect that info. PII includes high-risk data such as social security numbers and credit cards, but also consist of, names, email addresses and phone numbers. Your liability begins much earlier than the second someone’s identity is stolen. It could be as simple as the loss of a thumb drive which could cost you significantly, hence the need to defend yourself and business.

We represent you, the policyholder in your claim from start to finish, advising on the possible courses of action to take, making sure each step in the process is captured so you’re back in order as quickly as possible.

Our Loss Control team has safety and risk management professionals available to review your operations, procedures and programs. We can help you manage risk and keep your business running smoothly.

Our experienced claims professionals diligently review open cases for any issues, concerns, or potential savings that can be realized.

We are pleased to provide in-house legal services to your business needs and can include: Contract review and preparation, legal advice relative to insurance and employment issues and ensure appropriate contractual risk transfer language to protect your business.

Industry Affiliations

We have been fortunate over the years to develop and maintain key relationships in the industry to help provide our customers with quality service and care. Along with that, we’re able to expand our own knowledge and capabilities by partnering with groups such as these.

The Moody Difference

Exceptional, personalized service.

While Moody Insurance has enjoyed tremendous growth in our more than 40 years in business, we understand that we got where we are by providing exceptional, personalized service. Our team approach to client service ensures our clients always have access to the information they need and someone with a good working knowledge of their business.

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Real Estate
Real Estate
Real Estate
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