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Why W3’s Partnership with RiskProNet is More Than a Value-Adding Relationship for Business Owners


Things continue to evolve and grow and it is important to have relationships that can help serve your clients across the country, help you with scale, market knowledge, and everything that you need to compete with the ever-growing increase in aggregators, whilst remaining independently owned. To achieve this, you need partnerships that are going to help you meet the needs of your clients and internal employees long term.

In today’s episode, Chip is joined by Jon and Clay from W3 Insurance in the Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg area. They are the most recent members to join RiskProNet.

Clay is the vice president of W3 St Petersburg, a stallholder, and a Commercial Insurance Advisor. He has extensive experience controlling workers’ compensation costs for large companies and his niche focus includes manufacturing, construction industries, and large workers’ compensation cases.

John is the President of W3 St Petersburg. His specialty is working closely with businesses to find insurance and risk management solutions that match their unique needs.

W3 has been in existence for 97 years, and for almost 25 years now they have focused on what to do to increase value besides brokering services; their shift to a value-added platform.

In the episode, Jon and Clay show you that W3 covers everything. The multi-channel and commercial insurance is their largest revenue stream, representing probably about 50% of their income today followed by employee benefits.  They have one of the largest employee benefits in the Tampa Bay market. And they also do a lot of personal lines and recreational marine.

Tune in as John and Clay shed light on:

Why you should join RiskProNet

How they are the differentiators in the marketplace currently and in years to come

What Clay’s doing to promote alternative financing options for people that qualify

What’s going on in the construction market in St. Petersburg economically

The kind of issues their clients are having and their worries as cyber takes off

Their amazing incorporation of technology into the platform before a lot of people did What the future looks like for W3 in terms of growth and niche … and so much more!

If you are a business owner and are looking to have a different relationship because something has revolved in your world, this episode shows you why W3 ( partners with RiskProNet)  is the missing piece of the puzzle.

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