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Streamline Your Construction Projects with Comprehensive Wrap Policy Coverage

Moody Insurance is proud to offer a construction wrap policy, also known as a wrap-up insurance policy, a comprehensive insurance solution designed specifically for large construction projects. Unlike traditional insurance policies that require each contractor and subcontractor to secure their own insurance coverage, a wrap policy provides centralized coverage for all parties involved in the project.

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Why Choose Moody's Construction Wrap Policy:

All-In-One Coverage

Consolidate various insurance coverages into a single, comprehensive policy, streamlining the insurance process and eliminating the need for separate policies for each contractor and subcontractor.

Project-Specific Coverage

Tailored to meet the unique needs of each construction project, providing adequate protection throughout the construction process.

Streamlined Protection

Simplify your insurance process, minimize risk of coverage gaps, and focus on what you do best – building.

Risk Management

Ensure consistency in coverage across all contractor and subcontractor, minimizing gaps in coverage and reducing the risk of disputes and delays during the project.

Cost Efficiency

Enjoy comprehensive protection at a fraction of the cost.

Claims Management

Streamline the claims process with a single point of contact for all parties involved, expediting resolution and minimizing disruptions to the construction schedule.

Industry Affiliations

Our strong relationships with a national network of leading insurance agencies and brokers allow us to secure best-in-class pricing and coverage for our clients. Additionally, Moody is proud to be affiliated with an extensive network of high-caliber construction industry partners, which fosters high standards for construction practices, and provides ongoing professional development opportunities for our employees.

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Experience personalized support from our team dedicated to your success.

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Construction Wrap Policy
Construction Wrap Policy
Construction Wrap Policy
Construction Wrap Policy