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Active Shooter Training with Ted Hayes


Active shooting has been a sensitive topic. Mass school shootings as well as other threats of violence have spiked dramatically lately in the country. How can we prepare to manage this risk both corporately as a business and as an Individual?

In today’s episode, Chip is joined by Ted Hayes, the senior risk manager at M3 Insurance. For the past 29 years, Hayes has served as a safety and security consultant to school districts and municipalities in Wisconsin and throughout the United States. He specializes in active shooter training and he has worked extensively with both public and private schools. Additionally, Hayes authors monthly violence prevention articles for various school-related magazines.

Whether shooting at an organization lasts two minutes, four minutes, or 12 minutes, you have about three seconds to make the right decision to save your own life. And that starts with creating Mental Action scripts. That you should always have a plan, thought out, not something you have to write down but just thought out. This is just but a preview of the incredible wisdom Ted has in stored for you in the show today.

Tune in as Ted dives into pragmatic strategies to change your mindset around shooter situations such as: Having an understanding and adapting the Mental action script, 3 things an active shooter seeks, and the ABCs of weapon control ( A for avoiding the weapon, B for blanketing the weapon with your body and C for controlling it to minimize it from injuring people).

In the episode, he also recommends something to chew on immediately after listening to the show: Having an immediate mass notification system, locking up your doors, and developing room security controls.

Ted has life-saving knowledge that he can’t keep to himself, information that you should definitely grasp.  Tune in as he shares these golden nuggets on active shooter training.

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